Risotto all’Amarone nominated as a typical product. The announcement on the eve of Amarone Opera Prima.


Risotto all’Amarone is a candidate to officially become a typical Veronese dish. And what better time to announce it than on the eve of Amarone Opera Prima? In this way, the union between the renowned wine denomination and the delicacies of the local cuisine could be celebrated.

The president of the Valpolicella Wine Consortium, Christian Marchesini, emphasised the importance of this dish in representing the profound connection between the 19 municipalities of the region and Verona, with its extraordinary wine heritage but also with another excellence, that of Riso Nano Vialone Veronese IGP, the inevitable companion of this traditional dish.

The news seals the ever-deepening bond between the denomination and the cuisine of Verona, certifying for the first time a wine-based dish as De.Co (Denominazione Comunale, a mark certifying geographical origin).

The application for recognition was promoted by the Typical Restaurateurs of the Municipality of Verona, headed by the three proposing restaurants, Caffè Monte Baldo, Ristorante Al Calmiere and Trattoria Pane e Vino, in collaboration with the Valpolicella Consortium, the Vialone Nano Rice Consortium and the Isola della Scala Rice Fair Authority. A work of synergy and passion that celebrates the authenticity and excellence of the territory.

Risotto all’Amarone della Valpolicella will join historical recipes such as gnocchi, Nadalin, Pastisada de Caval, Pearà and Renga in the list certified by the city council.

A true tribute to the gastronomic wealth of the region. The meeting point of a great rice, a great wine and a great culture, the European culture.

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