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Eventi Prodotto
  • Consortium for the Protection of Vialone Nano Veronese Rice (10)
  • Valpolicella Wine Protection Consortium. (10)
  • Asiago Cheese Protection Consortium (1)
  • Interregional Association of Olive Producers. (1)

7 - 10 MAY 2024

Cibus 2024 in Parma welcomes Nano Vialone Veronese PGI Rice.

In Parma from 7 to 10 May there was Cibus 2024, one of the most important events dedicated to the Italian agri-food sector that promotes high quality products and regional specialties Made in Italy. Nano Vialone Veronese PGI Rice, recognized for its excellence and its protected origin, could not miss. During the event, the Consortium […]

12 - 15 APRIL 2024

Nano Vialone Veronese PGI Rice at the Vinitaly off-show event 2024.

“Vinitaly and the City“, Vinitaly off-show event, the largest international wine fair, held every year in Verona.This event offers the opportunity to live a unique cultural and gastronomic experience: in fact not only celebrates Italian wines, but also the rich culinary tradition of the country, in an atmosphere of pure fun. In the beautiful setting […]

10 MARCH - 12 MARCH 2024

ProWein March 2024. The Fair is 30 years old. With Valpolicella wines in the front row.

From 10 to 12 March, ProWein, one of the main international events dedicated to the world of wine, was held. This year the fair celebrated its 30th anniversary: 30 years of meetings, of passion, of professions at the service of a world that never stops making the heart beat faster. It is the world of wine excellence, in which Europe plays a fundamental role.

5 - 7 MARCH 2024

Nano Vialone Veronese PGI Rice flies to Berlin at the ITB.

Nano Vialone Veronese PGI Rice participated in the ITB in Berlin 2024, one of the most important tourism fairs in the world, held from 5 to 7 March 2024. During the event, the Nano Vialone Veronese PGI Rice was presented in several tasting and showcooking sessions, highlighting its unique characteristics and its versatility in the […]

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