‘Asiago Academy Goes To School’ and ‘Asiago Academy On Tour’ train young people and professionals


The Academy Asiago PDO is a training project that aims to teach young people and restaurant operators how to enhance products of origin and communicate them effectively. The programme involved three renowned star chefs: Cristina Bowerman, Nikita Sergeev and Stefano Di Gennaro, and was developed through two main initiatives.

From 25 March to 17 April, ‘Asiago Academy goes to school’ took shape: a cycle of meetings dedicated to hotelier institutes, created to transmit knowledge of quality raw materials to future chefs, promoting sustainability and culinary traditions, so that the new generations can become ambassadors of Italian food and wine culture.

At the same time, ‘Asiago Academy on tour’, the travelling training project designed for restaurateurs, chefs and other operators in the food and wine sector, was held. The meetings allowed participants to follow guided tastings of the various seasonings, try out specially designed recipes and attend themed show cooking sessions such as ‘Experimenting is our most authentic tradition’.

These are two initiatives that the Consorzio Tutela Formaggio Asiago holds dear, because they represent an opportunity to increase awareness of the importance of PDO quality and food sustainability, today and tomorrow.

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