Genuine origin, certified quality.

PDO and PGI marks certify quality, authenticity, respect for the land and animals, in other words excellence in the agricultural and food industry. They are attributed to European products with unique characteristics deriving from the product’s strong bond with the territory and traditions of origin.
Product certification offers the people who choose these products a guarantee of quality and food safety, and international protection for the companies producing them.


Why choose PDO and PGI products?


PDO and PGI marks guarantee the excellent quality of certified products, not only in terms of nutrition, but also in terms of the raw materials used, the production methods and places, and sustainable production processes.


Every stage of the production and processing of PDO and PGI products must follow must follow the strict rules of the Product Specifications, which define the basic requirements for obtaining a safe and genuine product of excellence.


    PDOProtected Designation of Origin.

    PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) identifies a product that originates in a specific place, region or country, the quality or characteristics of which are essentially or exclusively due to a particular geographical environment with its inherent natural and human factors, and the production, transformation and elaboration phases of which all take place in the defined geographical area.

  • PGI Protected Geographical Indication

    PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) identifies a product that originates in a specific place, region or country, whose given quality, reputation or other characteristics are essentially attributable to its geographical origin, and for which at least one of the production steps takes place in the defined geographical area.

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