New Regulation on Geographical Indications: aim to protect and enhance.


The new Regulation on PDOs and PGIs that has just come into force introduces several significant innovations for the wine and food sector. This reform unifies for the first time all Geographical Indication productions under a single legislative basis, strengthening the role of Protection Consortiums and offering more effective tools for the competitive and sustainable development of the sector.

The main objectives of the reform can be summarised in three main points.

Firstly, the strengthening of the legislative framework in order to improve the protection of Geographical Indications both offline and online, simplifying the registration process and increasing the powers of the Protection consortiums.

Secondly, the issue of sustainability, a strategic point in the PDO and PGI world. In fact, the new regulation allows for greater integration of sustainable practices, encouraging environmentally friendly production methods.

Lastly, the competitiveness of producers: the regulation improves the position of producers (represented by the Protection Consortia) in the food supply chain, recognising their role in terms of enhancing and defending a collective interest and favouring greater competitiveness at European and international level.

This reform passed with a large majority in the European Parliament, precisely because of its objective of protecting and enhancing European agri-food excellence, guaranteeing even more transparency and quality for consumers.

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