From the PNRR, funds arrive for the modernisation of oil mills in the veneto


The Veneto Region, traditionally linked to the cultivation of Veneto PDO olive oil, is receiving aid for the modernisation of oil mills thanks to a dedicated PNRR call for proposals. A contribution aimed at encouraging innovation and mechanisation in the transformation, storage and packaging processes of existing mills, with the objective of improving the environmental performance and quality of the famous ‘green gold’.

This intervention is much awaited by olive growers, who have always invested in the constant improvement of the production process to preserve and maximise the quality and virtues of the olives grown in the rare microclimate of the Veneto hills.

But that is not all. The funding, in fact, not only brings technological modernisation to the sector, but also contributes to the sustainable management of the extra virgin olive oil supply chain, preserving the environment and strengthening the competitiveness of the Veneto olive-growing world.

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