A good and healthy Christmas: why choose certified European products.


In the run-up to the Christmas festivities, there is a growing awareness among consumers that they are choosing to make their Christmas not only delicious but also healthy by opting for certified European products of the highest quality. Motivating this choice are the concepts that European products have always promoted: sustainability, food safety, tradition and culture, protection of the environment and local excellence.

The ELTW project was created precisely for this, to make consumers aware of which products to choose, especially at such a significant time. The key is precisely the PDO and PGI protection marks, symbols of trust and authenticity.

That is why, also for this year-end, the great products of European tradition cannot be missing from your tables.

Riso Nano Vialone Veronese IGP: the taste of tradition.
Riso Nano Vialone Veronese IGP, typical of the Veronese countryside confirms itself as one of the most popular first courses during Christmas lunches. Guaranteed by the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) mark, this prized rice from the Veneto region is known for its benefits, unique texture and rich flavour, for truly special first courses.

Olio Veneto PDO: drops of wellness.
Olio Veneto DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) oil is an ally in the kitchen and in the diet, thanks to its benefits for the body because it is rich in phytosterols, vitamins and antioxidants. Obtained from olives selected and cultivated according to strict standards, this oil is synonymous with quality and unmistakable taste, excellent both raw and in any recipe.

Asiago PDO: The cheese of the holidays.
No Christmas table is complete without top-quality cheese, and Asiago PDO is the perfect choice for lovers of Europe’s great cheese-making tradition. This cheese, which has been produced for a thousand years in a limited area, is a dairy excellence with Protected Designation of Origin, ideal on its own but also in hors d’oeuvres, first courses, main courses and, just think, even in desserts.

Valpolicella wines: toasting with the history of wine.
Finally, to toast the festive season in style, Valpolicella Wines offer a wide selection of options, from fresh Valpolicella to Valpolicella Ripasso, from the famous Amarone to the iconic Recioto della Valpolicella. These wines, the result of centuries of tradition and time-honoured production techniques, are the perfect choice to accompany Christmas meals with elegance and refinement.

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