Rice Fair 2023. The success of the second European single-product event.





Also in 2023, the Isola della Scala Rice Fair confirmed itself as the most anticipated European single-product event, second only to the Munich Oktoberfest. More than 500,000 dishes served, 400 companies involved and the entire territory of the Vialone Veronese Nano Rice PGI as the perfect setting to welcome visitors from all over Europe.

26 intense days, from 13 September to 8 October, full of appointments, workshops, conferences and insights that revolved around the main product of the Lower Veronese area, Riso Nano Vialone Veronese PGI, grown in 24 municipalities around Isola della Scala .

Two exhibitions, two ways of experiencing rice

“Femo Gàlzega” was the motto that resonated during the festival and in the dedicated exhibition: Gàlzega, in fact, is nothing other than the traditional harvest festival, which celebrates the arrival of autumn and the end of summer with a genuine moment of conviviality. The exhibition was an opportunity to rediscover the traditions which, year after year, have made the Fair an Italian and European point of reference.

Another exhibition caught attention during the Rice Fair: entitled “Italian Rice, a five-star food”, it was an innovative educational experience, designed to disseminate island culture to adults and children. The exhibition was curated by Ente Fiera di Isola della Scala, Ente Nazionale Risi and VeronaFabLab.

Also worth mentioning is the haute cuisine that animated the 26 days of the Fair, thanks to the collaboration with the very young Chefs of JRE, an association that brings together the youngest and most representative chefs of haute cuisine, who have been able to give value to this European excellence.

Taste of Earth – An international window at the 2023 Rice Fair.

From 28 September to 8 October, the second edition of “Taste of Earth” also took place, the event dedicated to the internationalization of the Rice Fair, with exhibitors from all over the world who presented products, cultures and flavors of the territory. Many topics were covered with dedicated focuses, on sustainability, healthy eating and the winning combination of food and sport.

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