ProWein March 2024. The Fair is 30 years old. With Valpolicella wines in the front row.


10 MARCH - 12 MARCH 2024



From 10 to 12 March, ProWein, one of the main international events dedicated to the world of wine, was held. This year the fair celebrated its 30th anniversary: 30 years of meetings, of passion, of professions at the service of a world that never stops making the heart beat faster. It is the world of wine excellence, in which Europe plays a fundamental role.

In the front row at the event, in fact, were the Wines of Valpolicella, the fruit of a precious centuries-old tradition guarded by the Consortium of the same name.

Inside the exhibition area in Halle 15/F21, there were tasting activities and no less than four masterclasses organised, two organised on Sunday 10 March in collaboration with Vinum magazine and led by journalist Christian Eder; the other two scheduled for Monday 11 March with Simon Staffler, head of tastings at Falstaff Italia.

In particular, the “Young Valpo” Masterclasses involving the young people of the Young Group of the Valpolicella Wines Consortium featured tastings of Valpolicella DOC and Valpolicella DOC Superiore, the two excellent wines that most reflect the territory in the glass.
Involving the new generations is a way to transmit a cultural heritage of excellence, protect traditions and a unique territory.
A commitment to which the Consortium for the Protection of Valpolicella Wines devotes all its efforts. ProWein was the ideal setting to experience it, once again.

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