Amarone Opera Prima 2024. The kermis dedicated to European wine excellence toasted its 20th edition.





In the heart of Verona, the Palazzo della Gran Guardia hosted Amarone Opera Prima 2024.

Now in its 20th edition, the kermesse turned the spotlight on the present (and the future) of the ce-lebre wine Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG, a symbolic product of this production area and a true myth among the great European wines. The event was staged on 3 and 4 February 2024 and took place, as every year, in the evocative setting of the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Piazza Bra.

Seventy renowned Amarone producers gathered to present the fruit of their labour to the public. A complex, structured wine, rich in scents resulting from the ancient technique of resting the Valpolicella grapes: a candidate for Unesco Intangible Heritage.

Amarone Opera Prima is promoted by the Consortium for the Protection of Valpolicella Wines, an organisation that for years has protected the quality and tradition of one of the most prestigious wines in Europe, recognised by the denomination’s legal protection mark, the PDO.

Amarone Opera Prima 2024 started its engines on 3 February with the conference ‘Climate, production and markets: Valpolicella at the test of change’. Designed to reflect on development trajectories and strategies in the light of an economic analysis of the sector, the talk – moderated by the director of Telenuovo, Andrea Andreoli – was attended by the president Christian Marchesini; Andrea Lonardi, vice-president of the Consortium and Master of Wine; Carlo Flamini, head of the Wine Observatory of the Italian Wine Union and Maurizio Ugliano, professor of Oenology at the University of Verona.

The programme continued with the talk ‘Amarone Opera Prima: curtain up with Vittorio Grigolo’, an appointment with the enfant prodige of world opera and protagonist of the Verona Opera Festival since 2013.

Also on the thread of attractiveness and the future of markets were the two masterclasses reserved for the trade and foreign press on Friday 2 February, which saw wine experts JC Viens and Filippo Bartolotta respectively address the themes of collecting as an investment asset (‘Amarone, the next big thing in wine collecting?’) and production evolution (‘Amarone: the new wave’).

On Sunday, 4 February, the event was entirely dedicated to the public and closed with the ‘Winenot X Amarone Opera Prima’ party organised in cooperation with the Winenot association and the Young Group of the Valpolicella Wine Consortium.

The producers shared their stories, traditions and secrets related to the creation of this extraordinary wine, offering participants an unforgettable sensory experience. The great European wine tradition was on stage. Every time, just like the first time.

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