Veneto PDO Olive Oil Martini Cocktail



200 ml London Dry Gin

60 ml of Olio Veneto DOP

1 cl Vermouth

Ice to taste 

1 olive (decoration)

Lemon zest (decoration)




Preparation time

An hour and a half.


Pour 200 ml gin into a jug and then the Evo Veneto PDO oil. Stir with a bar spoon and place the container in the freezer. 

As the oil freezes, it will separate from the gin, forming a film at the top of the jug. 

Remove this with the help of tweezers.

Now strain the gin with a funnel. 

Take a mixing glass, pour in 6 cl oil-flavoured gin, 1 cl Vermouth and the ice. Stir again with the bar spoon.

With the help of a strainer separate the ice and pour the liquid into a martini glass.

Garnish the cocktail with the olive and lemon zest, which you have first wrapped around a straw to give it a spiral shape. Now the Veneto Olive Oil PDO Martini Cocktail is ready to serve.

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