Spaghetti with Umami flavored middle aged Asiago PDO cream


  • Spaghetti 100g
  • Asiago POD Middle Aged 100g
  • Butter 10g
  • Cream 70g
  • anchovies to taste
  • Dried tomato to taste
  • Dried mushrooms to taste
  • Lemon pulp cut into 5 mini cubes




Preparation time

50 mins


Combine butter, cream and Asiago PDO Mezzano in a saucepan. Simmer until all three ingredients have combined into a cream, then remove from the heat and leave to rest.
Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti in a pot.
To make Umami powder, grind dried mushrooms into a powder. Add the anchovies and dried tomatoes to the mushroom powder.
When the pasta is cooked, season it with the cream obtained with Asiago PDO Mezzano and add the Umami powder. Finally, add the lemon cubes.

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