Risotto with Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG, radicchio and mascarpone cheese


INGREDIENTS (6 people)

400 g of Riso Nano Vialone Veronese IGP rice

2 tablespoons of mascarpone cheese

2 heads of red radicchio di Verona

half a glass of Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG wine

1 onion

vegetable broth

2 tablespoons of Veneto PDO olive oil

4 tablespoons grated Asiago DOP Stravecchio cheese

40 g butter



First Course

Preparation time

 45 minutes


Clean and wash the radicchio; drain it well and cut it into thin strips. Wilt the chopped onion in a pan with the butter and oil; add the radicchio and let it season for a couple of minutes, stirring.

Add the rice and swirl it in the dressing for a minute; drizzle with the Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG and, when it has evaporated, bring to cooking, incorporating the necessary stock a little at a time.

After 15 minutes, stir in the mascarpone and leave on the flame for another three minutes. Adjust the salt, pepper and whisk the risotto with grated Asiago DOP Extra-mature.

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