Isolana Risotto


  • 320 g Nano Vialone Veronese IGP rice
  •     7 dl meat broth
  •     150 g pork loin
  •     150 g lean veal
  •     40g butter
  •     50 g grated Grana Padano cinnamon powder
  •     1 sprig of rosemary
  •     White wine
  • Salt and Pepper To Taste.




Preparation time

35 mins


Put 40 g of butter on a slow fire with a small sprig of rosemary. When the butter is golden, remove the rosemary, put the meat cut into small pieces and raise the heat.
Brown the meat and season with pepper, salt and a dash of white wine, then lower the heat and finish cooking.

Over a sustained heat, bring the pot with the broth to the boil; pour the Riso Nano Vialone Veronese PGI forming a cone, then cover the pot. When boiling resumes, gently move the rice on the bottom, lower the heat to low, and cover the pot again for 15 minutes; add at this point about half of the ragout and cover until desired doneness.

Remove the pan from the heat, add the remaining meat sauce, the Grana Padano (sprinkled with cinnamon) and the remaining butter. Mix everything very gently.
Serve in an oven dish or single plate with a few sprigs of rosemary.

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