Bigoli with Veneto DOP oil and lake sardines


Ingredients (4 people)

300 g of lake sardines

380 g of bigoli (typical spaghetti)

a clove of garlic

10 cherry tomatoes

salt, chilli pepper

Veneto DOP oil to taste

fresh parsley



First courses

Preparation time

30 mins


Clean the sardines, removing scales and their bones. Cut them into small pieces. Pour a drizzle of Veneto DOP oil into a pan, add a clove of garlic and let it brown a few minutes. Add the sardines and sliced cherry tomatoes.  Meanwhile, boil the pasta water and put the bigoli to boil during the indicated time. Cook until the sardines have melted, creating a brown-colored cream. Drain the bigoli a few minutes before and whisk them in the pan. Add chopped parsley and chili flakes to taste. Serve the bigoli with Lago sardines well heated, accompanied with a glass of white wine.

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