27 MARCH – 29 MARCH 2022



In March 2022, at the Düsseldorf fair, the ELTW project participated, through the organization of a collective of 27 companies, at the fair, envisaged as part of the “Prowein” project, one of the major trade fairs for the promotion of wine in Europe and in the world.

In addition to the exhibition area made up of the stands of the participating companies, a tasting area was set up inside the stand where it was possible to taste the wines promoted together with the other products in the basket.

Below is the list of the 27 participating companies:

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Azienda agricola Domenico Fraccaroli

Le Marognole

Montecariano di Gini Galtarossa

Antiche terre venete

Tenuta Canovino

San Rustico Valgatara

Azienda Agricola i Campi di Flavio Prà

Az. Agr. Secondo Marco di Marco Speri

Aldegheri Srl

Casa Vinicola Bennati SPA

Azienda Agricola Zyme

Società Agricola Cà Rugate

Azienda Agricola Scriani

Soc. Agr. Le Calendre

Soc. Agr. Fattori

Vigneti di Ettore

Azienda agricola Gnirega

SAS Pietro Zardini

Az. Agr. Paolo Cottini

Az. Agr. Spinosa

Az. Agr. Falezze

Soc. Agr. Vantarosso

Idro group scarl

Az. Agr. Flatio

Onpiò Winery

Castellani Michele & figli

I Tamasotti

In addition to the participating companies, visibility was given to the other products promoted within the ELTW project by inserting products and information material in which it was possible for visitors experience the plurality of the basket as well as the European message.

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